In Chicago, and no where else, there is a place where music fuses together bringing familiar American sounds like Gospel, Hip- Hop, R&B, and Classic Rock onto the same platform as Latin sounds like Bachata, Salsa, Cumbia, or Spanish Rock. Within this fusion, something new was found...La Obra. The seven-member band creates vibrant music that contributes to the energetic and diverse atmosphere of urban Chicago. La Obra is a masterpiece of this great American city.

All working together to produce, write, and compose the majority of their work La Obra features Lyon as lead singer, Graciela on vocals, Roro on bass guitar, Robert Conga on the congas and bongos, Jacob Noyola on lead guitar, and G-biz on drums.

When you hear or watch La Obra play one question lingers in your mind. What is La Obra? The foreign sound, although inviting, captivates you and keeps you wanting more. Join them as they carve a name for themselves in the Latin music industry and make their way to the top. Viva La Obra!

When you ask an artist who they “sound like” or who they emulate most artists feel that their sound sounds unlike most popular music or, often, they compare their sound to various artists who have influenced them throughout their careers. Usually, however, we as consumers can identify and categorize the sound of most artists at the drop of a hat and it’s rare to find true artistry that is unwavering and unafraid to push the envelope when it comes to genre. La Obra breaks barriers with their multicultural (half Mexican and half Puerto Rican) band members and uses their multi faceted backgrounds (Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Rock, Gospel, Jazz) to provide a risky and complex yet diverse and unique sound that has appealed to the masses. From Salsa to Samba to Bachatas to Boleros, La Obra tears into genre restrictions causing critics to ask the question, “With the state of music where it’s at…what’s the next big thing to rock the Latin Music industry?” The answer is in La Obra.

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